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Introducing our kids RAINE Hemp Gi for any young Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practionier; This Gi is made from 100% hemp.

This tough amazing fabric is antimicrobial, killing the growth of bacteria and fungi, and being very effective in moisture wicking.

Our RAINE Hemp Gi is a must have Gi for anyone for its durability and high quality. it will last multiple times longer than any Gi on the market plus being the only UK stockist of Hemp Gi’s.

Gi top is 575gsm and the pants are 375gsm. It has Eva collar’s and comes only in black. Our signature Raine logo embroidered on both shoulders, fitted with our Raine printed drawcord.


M000, M00, M0, M1, M2, M3, M4

7 reviews for HEMP KIDS BJJ GI

  1. Avatar of Caleb Morrison

    Caleb Morrison

    The RAINE Hemp kids GI is extremely soft and comfortable to train in . Because it’s lightweight I stay cooler for longer and the fit was perfect. My team mate I usually compete alongside bought this gi after I started wearing it, and he loves his too.

    For me to some it up in my own words “Light, fluid, strong. Feels like pajamas! Soooooo comfortable. Fits well, never feels stiff or cardboardy”.

    This will be the first of many Hemp Gi’s..

  2. Avatar of Scott


    I picked up my daughters new Hemp Gi a few weeks ago. She absolutely loves the fit and said it feels great. It also washes lovely. It’s a little more expensive than your average Gi but I think when you see it and pick it up you can feel the quality and paying the extra for the hemp and all the little fine details on the Gi it’s worth it. Since picking up the gi one of her teammates has already had his arrive in the post and is another happy Raine customer and one more of her friends has recently ordered. So that will be three Raine Gis in our kids classes. Looks like the Raine Gis are going to be taking over our gym 😂! Definitely recommended💯

  3. Avatar of Lisa


    An awesome Gi to wear both training and competing. My son has been wearing his for a few weeks now and loves it. After seeing his fellow team mates wear it, he had to get one. It’s lightweight, making it much cooler to wear on the mats, washes up amazingly, fits brilliantly and most importantly looks good on.

  4. Avatar of Lisa


    The Kids Hemp Gi is awesome to wear both training and competing. My son got his a couple weeks ago after seeing his team mates wear it and had to have one. Being lightweight on, means you stay much cooler on the mats, it washes up brilliantly, fits well and most importantly looks good on the mats – my son won’t wear any other Gi.

  5. Avatar of Carlos


    This hemp Gi is very comfortable and soft to wear, definitely a great go to wear for both competitions and training. My children won’t wear other Gi as they train up to 4 hours a day and they feel so cooler and fresh, certainly worth it. Highly recommended.

  6. Avatar of Angelica


    Awesome Gi, extremely comfortable, fits well, soft and keeps you fresh throughout training and competitions. This Raine hemp Gi is definitely taking over the gym and there’s a good reason for it. Absolutely worth the price, if you want comforter and high quality fight wear I would highly recommend you to get this Gi plus you’ll be saving the planet. The hemp is very effective to keep bacteria and fungi away from you, the description on the product is spot on.

  7. Avatar of luciaford2008


    Awsome gi, definitely the best and my favourite gi i have ever had. it is very soft and it’s very unique. unlike any gi i have had before!

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