Hemp BJJ Belts


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Hemp BJJ Belts

Let us introduce you to the brand new RAINE Hemp Jiu Jitsu Belts; made specifically with the Jiu Jitsu community in mind, not only are these belts made with 100% hemp for an eco-friendly and ethical choice, but they’re also made to be durable, so you can shop more consciously whilst safe in the knowledge that this belt will last.

As with all 100% hemp products, these BJJ belts are antimicrobial, meaning they kill bacteria and fungi; hemp is also known for being vastly stronger than cotton, so you can trust this belt will go the distance.

Due to the nature of the fabric the white belt is slightly off white in colour.

Please note that we do also sell 100% Hemp Gi’s.


Colour 1

White, Blue, Purple, brown, Black


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12 reviews for Hemp BJJ Belts

  1. Avatar of Jake


    Fantastic product, hemp all the way!

  2. Avatar of Richard Jones

    Richard Jones

    100% hemp BJJ belt? Yes please. High quality and very nice to look at too.

  3. Avatar of Terry


    I bought a new belt from raine! Love the quality 👌

  4. Avatar of Wayne


    Great addition to the raine hemp gi👍🏼👍🏼 looks great and stays tied really well

  5. Avatar of Samuel Balkin

    Samuel Balkin

    100% Hemp all the way!

  6. Avatar of Stuart Chadwick

    Stuart Chadwick (verified owner)

    Spot on. Can easily see the superior quality of the belt compared to others… Just go hope it brings my jujitsu up to the same quality level!!

  7. Avatar of Brendan O'Doherty

    Brendan O’Doherty (verified owner)

    I’ve been on the lookout for a hemp gi as I find this material in many ways superior to cotton (cooler, tougher, softer)
    After researching I found Raine and was stoked because they are UK based. I really connected with the brand ethos and after some email communications I tried a belt to start and it is high quality – it does fade when washed which makes me look like I’ve been a blue belt forever with no stripes 😂 – I keep getting teased ! My gi size was out of stock but Malhi said he’d be in touch when they were back in and so he did. I’ve used the gi twice and it is very good – cool and strong. Plus it looks cool with a slight grey vibe and the odd pop of colour.

  8. Avatar of Anthony Teasdale

    Anthony Teasdale

    I got the belt to match my Raine Hemp Gi. I got to say that the feel and quality of the belt is far superior to the other belts I have purchased. Another teammate of mine commented on the feel and quality of it and they are looking to get one as well. If I am ever lucky to get promoted, I know where my next belts are going to come from! Highly recommended 🙂

  9. Avatar of Rob Platt

    Rob Platt

    Great belt from a great brand!

  10. Avatar of Bea


    The hemp gi is my favourite, it’s so light and easy to train with! I also have the belt and got my training partners some, it’s one of the best belts I ever had. I highly recommend!

  11. Avatar of Nico Watson

    Nico Watson

    Awesome quality and feel, can tell this belt will last me a long time!

  12. Avatar of Vicky


    A good quality belt. A Durable product, and environmentally friendly. Highly recommended

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