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Meet the RAINE Clothing Athletes!

As we’ve mentioned on our About Us page, there is one key factor that makes RAINE Clothing completely unique, outside of our exceptional sustainable credentials and great quality, comfortable clothing – it’s the fact that our garments are made for athletes, by athletes. That’s why it’s so incredibly important to us that we’re able to partner with great athletes, to offer eco-friendly comfort and durability whilst they compete, and why we thought we’d take a little bit of time today to share some of the incredible talent we’re working with right now. 

What does it mean to be a RAINE Clothing athlete?

Simply put, our incredible athletes are a significant part of the RAINE Clothing family, and we provide the sustainable, eco-friendly clothing that they need to perform to their absolute best whilst they’re both competing and training. Our RAINE Clothing athletes range from a few different professional backgrounds and categories, from MMA athletes to boxers and BJJ competitors, amongst other things. We pride ourselves on supporting competitors across various genders and ages as well as various sports, so that our RAINE Clothing family is truly representative of a diverse number of athletes in the field. 

Meg Morris

Meg Morris is a big part of the RAINE Clothing family, and recently featured on UFC Fight Pass, one of Combat Sports’ biggest stages. With a fiery personality on-stage, and a warm, kind personality off of it, we’re very proud to have Meg wearing RAINE Clothing.

Ethan, Collin & Andrew Perez

This trio of brothers are hardworking youngsters that are bound to go far in BJJ and grappling, with a work ethic that’s clearly passed down. Each with their fair share of accolades and achievements, we think each of the Perez siblings will go very far in the industry, and we’re very excited to be a part of their journey. 

Thomas Paull 

One of our more recent signings, we’re incredibly proud to have Thomas Paull on the team; a true inspiration to us and many others, this deaf athlete is a fierce GTFP Double Champ who is about to begin competing in the DWCS, and you’d be hard pushed to find someone of the same tenacity competing anywhere else! 

Bea Fernandez

A world-class combat sports athlete with a significant range of accolades and achievements in BJJ, Bea is an incredible athlete that we’re pleased to share has chosen to sign for another 12 months, at least, with RAINE Clothing. We’re looking forward to seeing everything she manages to achieve in that time, and are excited to be a part of that journey!  

Liam McCracken

This is a name you’re going to want to remember – mark our words, on that one! We think Liam just might be one of the brightest young MMA fighters we’ve ever seen. With an exceptional amateur record, he’s well on his way to an impressive professional career. 

Aisha Barwick

Aisha Barwick is unlike any junior you’ve seen competing in grappling before, and we’ll promise you on that one! This phenomenal young lady has won an astonishing amount of medals and accolades, and when you consider how early on in her career she is, this is truly inspiring to see! Aisha currently has a shocking 65 medals, at a very young age, and we’re excited to see exactly where her very promising career takes her – keep an eye out for her! 

We hope you’ve enjoyed meeting some of our incredible RAINE Clothing athletes, and that we gave you a good insight into the kind of incredible people we’ve been lucky enough to work with on our sustainable clothing journey. The superstars we mentioned above are only some of the amazing individuals we’re currently working with, though, so if you’d like to take a look at the range of talent the RAiNE Clothing athletes have to offer, we’d recommend heading over to our Instagram page to get a bit of a better look at who we’re currently working with. 

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