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Our Hemp GIs for BJJ are incredible – and you don’t just have to take our word for it!

Our Hemp GIs for BJJ are incredible – and you don’t just have to take our word for it!

We’re incredibly proud of the amazing products we’re able to offer at RAINE Clothing; as you’ll know if you’ve read our story, we founded RAINE Clothing in an effort to do better for the environment, and help contribute to the ethical, eco-friendly, and sustainable clothing movement in a very real way – so when we say it’s a passion for us, we mean it! That’s why we’re so very excited when our customers or fellow eco-friendly brands tell us how much they love our RAINE Clothing products – because for us, so much of this brand is a labour of love! 

Wama Underwear loves our Hemp GIs almost as much as we do!

For anyone who isn’t aware, Wama Underwear is an incredibly disruptive eco-friendly brand, helping to pioneer the use of Hemp in underwear within the lingerie and sustainable clothing industry; they’re incredibly passionate about spreading the word of how beneficial Hemp is as a fabric, highlighting some of the anti-bacterial, comfortable, and wearable features of this incredibly sustainable fabric. They prioritise the ethical production of both the fabric and underwear that they create, and they’re a brand we have the utmost respect for. 

So, when we noticed that we’ve been featured in Wama Underwear’s ‘4 best Hemp GIs for BJJ’ blog post, we were absolutely over the moon!
Here’s what the team at Wama’s Underwear had to say about our Hemp GIs:

‘If you’re looking for a black 100% hemp gi, RAINE is a great choice. They also offer 100% hemp jiu jitsu belts…in exploring this brand, you may even find some everyday eco-friendly clothing to buy. Now that’s a win-win!’ 

If you’d like to find out more about our incredible Hemp fabric, why we chose it, and what makes it such a sustainable superstar, you can do so over on our ‘Introducing Organic Hemp!’ blog post; if you’re ready to discover exactly why our Hemp GIs are so incredible for yourself, head over to our Hemp BJJ product page to see the full range of options! 

We’d like to once again, thank the team at Wama Underwear for highlighting the benefits of our Hemp GIs for BJJ; they’re something we’re very proud of, and we’re incredibly excited to have been featured by such a like-minded brand!

Let us know some of your favourite sustainable eco-friendly brands below – we’re always on the look out for more to discover!

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